Wednesday, 26 May 2010

In Two Shots

in late march this year me and another 90 odd students and tutors from the communications school of Kingston University went on an amazing trip to San Francisco.

as soon as we returned facebook was flooded with 'san francisco' photo albums, so much so that it was impossible to look at everyones images.

as a response to this i decided to compile a showreel of the very best of out san francisco photography.

the brief was to send in only your best 2 images from san francisco, on of the people one of the place, the images had to be square format to coincide with an exhibition we put on following the trip which was based around making work to either a 12" LP or 7" EP size.

this proved a interesting exercise in editing and deciding who to sum up a whole trip in just 2 images. i feel everyone has done a great job.

compiled by myself and Oli O'Neill

music is "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" by Mayer Hawthorne

San Francisco vs. Berlin

as a response to our year's trips to san fran and berlin we put on a show about the sounds of the places,

work had to be sized either 7"x7" (ep) or 12"x12" (lp) in regard to record sizes.

the show as great fun, i didn't have this blog before it happened to give anyone a heads up but i thought i still may as well mention it!

there were some really cool pieces, i managed to enter 3 photos taken in San Fran with my Holga camera which is slowly falling apart but still taking some nice photos

possibly THE most 80's music video of them all

i recently got my hands on the radio soundtracks to GTA: Vice City, with the talking and everything. this laura brannigan gem stood out. this song totally rocks!

just check that guitar intro!

also the video is the weirdest thing i have ever seen some random mask orgy and some pretty crude effects!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

cards, sunglasses, fire, a top hat and a sax solo

here is another one of my favorite videos. from one of my favorite musicians of all time; the great Tom Waits:

this is from his live album/performance 'Big Time'. the whole of big time is like an amazing messed up new years hootenanny with joolz holland. everything about it is ultimately cool; the way they cut between different performances in the same song and the whole theatricality of it.

here i go...

ok first post, i may as well start with some of the stuff i really like....

I love everyting about this, the music is amazing, David Byrne can rock it all by himself.

i also really love rhe typography, the way they line up all the words whatever length into a box by stretching some out and squashing some.

the cinematography also rocks