Thursday, 3 June 2010

Audiovisulas @ Lock 17, rock out


went to see my sisters boyfriends band "audiovisuals" in Camden on Tuesday night. theyre a new band and ive been following them for a while now, theyve been working their way through this new band's competition, leaving all manner of other bands in their wake of destruction. tuesday was a big one, if they got through this on a show of hand after their set they were gonna play at the Forum in Kentish Town.

now ive been going to see friends bands for ages now and its pretty much always the same, its good fun, you know the songs your mates are there. however tuesday night was a bit different, they came on, 4th out of seven bands to play that night and absolutely killed it! everyone got right down the front and i dunno how it happened but some guys got a bit excited, and got everyone going, people on each others shoulders, girls flinging themselves at the stage a mini mosh pit and even a croudsurfer! hilarious, the atmosphere was like a food fight at alcatraz!

the guys were on top form, with George blaring out songs that im sure will one day be classics, seb loving the lead guitar role was on the drum kit for a period of time not to mention almost getting the guitar torn from his frantic fingers on more than one occasion danny was pulling shapes and keeping and thrashing it down, and tom, the machine, as always was topless by midway throughout the set thumping away and drenched in sweat and vibes. the best audience reaction to a friends band i have ever seen.

needles to say they got through and are gonna play the Forum on the 3rd of July. be there if you want some genuinely thrilling new live music from 4 of north-west London's loveliest ladzz, haha

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